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Danish-German combined competence – to promote your projects and ideas


We are a multidisciplinary team from Denmark and Germany. We work for regions, municipalities and businesses that would like to (further) develop health and wellness oriented destinations and facilities in the North Sea and Baltic regions. This work includes analyses, concepts, development, consulting and marketing of projects.


Thalasso of the North represents a special approach for destinations at the North and Baltic Sea considering their sustainable use of their natural local remedies – which are sea water, air, climate and other elements like mud, chalk and sand. Their interplay makes the destinations at the North and Baltic Sea unique. An important part of our efforts is to work together with providers to develop and market individual products that make use of these properties.


The objective is for these providers to then be able to better assert themselves in this highly competitive marketplace and become more visible and attractive to guests. They can prolong the season thanks to extended offers and achieve an increase in visitor numbers and booking figures.



The North and Baltic Sea coast, a scenically and climatically unique European region, is famous for its natural healing and recreational properties.


Sea water, air, climate and other natural local remedies that can be found here, such as mud, chalk or sand have been the basis for unique and sustainable health and wellness offers for more than hundred years. Especially the Danish-German North Sea and Baltic regions have an old spa tradition. For centuries people have come here to treat their ailments or allergies and to strengthen their immune system. Many destinations at the Danish and the German North Sea and Baltic coasts may have a spa and wellness tradition but only few of them have maintained it and offer competitive services in this area today.


Our goal is to help strengthen and promote these unique natural features and to (further) develop and market them as innovative and globally competitive offers within the area of health-oriented holidays.


The project Thalasso of the North consciously evokes the spa tradition of the North and Baltic Sea and, at the same time, takes into consideration the expectations of guests in the 21st century. Modern health and wellness oriented tourism disposes of a wide range, from cure-oriented prevention up to modern spa, wellness and fitness offers. Thalasso of the North covers the whole range, while always relying on the special natural conditions that can only be found at the North and Baltic Sea.


what we can do for you

Thalasso of the North is a multidisciplinary team that has pooled its skills and know-how in order to strengthen and promote the unique experience of a stay at the Nordic Seas as a source for health and well-being.


We offer our support and consulting to regions, municipalities and businesses that wish to (further) develop their health touristic offers. We develop concepts in the area of health tourism, including social, cultural and economic issues, all the while taking into consideration the protection of the environment and the World Heritage that is the Wadden Sea. In doing so we contribute to the deepening of know-how and competencies in the area of sustainable and efficient health tourism in the North and Baltic Sea regions.


Our goal is to improve the competitiveness of the Nordic Sea regions by developing new business areas, creating synergies and transferring knowledge.


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the team

The dedicated Danish-German team is excited to work with clients in search of sustainable touristic projects in Northern Europe.


The team members represent all relevant professional disciplines to develop a destination into becoming a state-of-the-art spa and wellness region with a range of high-quality offers.

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